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 Games Request Thread - Post all your requests here

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PostSubject: Games Request Thread - Post all your requests here   Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:58 am

This is the Request thread for this section
If you have any requests, they go here.

Here are some rules to respect before you ask for help:

1. At least 10 posts to request

2. Full name of the item being requested, alongside useful description like screenshots and/or version of the stuff

3. Do not bump the topic if no one replied to your request.

4. Request things that DO exists.
That is do not tell us you want a game like sudoku or whatever. Tell us the name.

5. Search before requesting

6. Do NOT ask us to send files to your email

7. Do NOT request GAMELOFT games

Any requests that do not fit the above requirements will be ignored.
Be warned! You might be infractioned/banned should you disobey these rules.
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Games Request Thread - Post all your requests here
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