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 FExplorer Tips & Tricks

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PostSubject: FExplorer Tips & Tricks   Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:40 am

* How to reset the operator logo :
1) go to the following dir :
2) delete any file in this directory
3) restart the phone

* to make a screenshot on a Nokia 3650, 6600 :
1) use the pencil key + '0'

* to make a screenshot on a SX1 :
1) use the shift key + '0'

* remember, there are some shortcuts :
<KeyPad 1> : copy
<KeyPad 4> : cut
<KeyPad 7> : paste
<KeyPad *> : go to root
<KeyPad 3> : PageUp
<KeyPad 6> : top of the list
<KeyPad 9> : PageDown
<KeyPad #> : file properties

* 'send command' fails new firmware
with some new firmware, some users have reported that the 'send command' (thru bluetooth, IR, ...) fails; it's due to a 'copyrigth protection' introduced in the new OS (!!!!), this happens only with some kind of files (eg: .SIS), in such case, simply rename the file (eg: wtih .SIS_ ) before trying to send them.
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FExplorer Tips & Tricks
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