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 Saving Tones To Your PC

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PostSubject: Saving Tones To Your PC   Saving Tones To Your PC Icon_minitimeMon Jan 21, 2008 5:42 am

Well, I guess I'm gonna share a lil bit of a 'darktip' with you all. Let it be known now that I download my favourite midi (poly) tones from www.phunkyphones.net. They have thousands of songs. Its not really free but somehow the technicality or rather untechnicality of their website lets you save the tones to your PC.

As you goto the Polyphonic section, you will be able to listen to the tunes by clicking on the Play icon as you cant right-click on that page. Now for me when I click on the icon, the usual download window pop-up giving me the option either to Open or Save the file. If you were presented this option, you're a lucky boy/girl cos you can save it to your PC and then send it via IR or BT to your phone. As for those who has those download managers, I think some of them might pop-up that download box too.

Now some of you might, when you click on the icon, experience the browser launching another page and playing the midi file maybe using your Quicktime. If you are lucky, you can right-click on that Quixktime player and save the file. Others maybe played automatically by Windows Media Player or Winamp or whatever your default sound player is. Now the trick is to check the settings of those players and make sure that it is not assigned to play any midi file. This disabbling tip sometimes work and sometimes not, for reasons I'm not sure off.

And lastly if you didnt get those two steps to work, theres always this option, a bit of a pain but still worth it if you really want that ringtone. You see when you click on the icon and the file plays on your default player, it has actually been downloaded to your cache or you temperory internet folder. So all you gotta remember is the Ref: poly5432 number. So after playing all those tunes you want, goto the Search function on your PC and search either for all .mid extensions on your PC or the particular number of the midi e.g. 5432.

Some sites has the file on mp3 format which I guess is even better quality for your phone, just take note of the name or code of the file. So remember, if it plays, theres a good chance its in your Temperory Internet folder. You can always browse for it by going to your;

Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Option>General tab>Temperory Internet Files>Settings>View Files.

You should be able to see all the files sorted nicely, images, cookies, etc.,

So there it is, another guide on how to obtain ringtones form paid sites. So simple right? Now go get that BT dongle!
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Saving Tones To Your PC
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