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 Send .sis, .jar & .mid file with ease!

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PostSubject: Send .sis, .jar & .mid file with ease!   Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:42 am

I have found one File Explorer which lets you send any files, yes .mid, .jar & .sis included without any need to rename them first. I am on the new firmware now and yesterday I tried sending a .mid file to my friends' 6230, it works like a charm! It has the prettiest interface too!

This ProfiExplorer comes with ProfiMail (you can find it in the Programs section)which is
"a powerful e-mail client for mobile devices. It allows you to read your mail on go, and send text with attachments directly from your device." The explorer is a standalone application and is a freeware. The Profimail is a shareware though but eventhough you do not register it, the file explorer will still run."
But at Allve.com you get it *******. So have fun
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Send .sis, .jar & .mid file with ease!
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