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 How to fix "App Close Main Error".

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PostSubject: How to fix "App Close Main Error".   Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:51 am

You can fix the app close main error..

Shinobi's 'App. Closed Main' Tutorial
1) Open your filemanager/explorer
2) Go to c:/system/bootdata & delete FirstBoot.dat
3) Turn off phone & take out your MMC card
4) Turn on phone and put in current time/date
5) Wait for it to boot up then turn off phone again.
6) Put MMC back in and turn on phone.

This fixes the "App. Closed Main" error. :wink:
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You can also go to c:/system/data/application.dat and delete this file and reboot your phone. No need to take out your MMC. This is just a new option to handle the app.closed main error.
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How to fix "App Close Main Error".
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