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 MMC password

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PostSubject: MMC password   MMC password Icon_minitimeMon Jan 21, 2008 5:53 am

Originally Posted by Stich19

Idea Hi to all you, finally after little search on my 6600 i have founded a file which contains your mmc passward (if you have a passward on your mmc and forgotten it).
This works 100% on NOKIA 3650, 3660 and 6600

Arrow This GUIDE is for the NEWBIES !!!

1. Install any filemanager on your mobile ("Seleq" is the best)
2. Go to your filemanager when you open it, it sould be like this:

2. then go on C: press "options" then press "find..." or "search" then go to "Name" then in Name write "MMCSTORE" and then press "OK" so then it will find a file called "MMCSTORE" so then press on it "options"
a)If you have infrared or bluetooth on your PC press "send" and choose what you have..
b) if you have card reader then press "edit" then "copy" then go to E: then press on the file "others" and then press "edit" and then "paste".

3. When you do this and the file "MMCSTORE" is on your PC right click on the file then select "open with" and then select the "Notepad". So then open the "MMCSTORE" and you will see the passward.

Arrow This GUIDE is for the people who knows little more about mobiles !!!

1. Go to C: and search in it the file called MMCSTORE.
2. It will find it so then copy it via bluetooth to your PC or via infrared or via card reader.
3. Noe it is on your PC open the file MMCSTORE with Notepad and and in the file you will sea the passward.
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MMC password
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