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 A Step by Step Guide on how to sign Symbian softwares and games

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A Step by Step Guide on how to sign Symbian softwares and games Empty
PostSubject: A Step by Step Guide on how to sign Symbian softwares and games   A Step by Step Guide on how to sign Symbian softwares and games Icon_minitimeTue Jan 22, 2008 2:32 am

this is the instruction to show you how to sign any unsigned softwares for your symbian. It's really easy, you just followed the instruction and many user have sucessfully for their application adn games here is the step by step guide. pls follow it carefully.

1. Go to Symbiansigned.com and register for an account , the problem here is that it doesn’t accept publicly available email domains like Gmail.com , so you have to register with a private domain name a.k.a yourname@yourwebsite.com
You can even make an acount using www.spl.at or www.k.st (the k.st is really cool account, try it)

2. After Registration , Click on My Symbian Signed > Open Signed “on the left of the page” , then download a tool called DevCertRequest from the bottom of the page.

3. Install the downloaded tool , then start the program ,
On the left of the program , there is 5 steps so here’s what you do in every step :
1- Specify the name of the output file , Just write any name
2- Choose No in ACS Pub ID Available
then in the private key ,click on the dots beside it and choose Sultan.key from the needed files , download these files (http://www.mediafire.com/?3x5q32vgwv5) , the password is : 0123456
3- Type in your info
4- Click on the dots beside the IMEI , then type in your IMEI “you can get yours by typing *#06# in your Phone” then click add then OK , in the application capabilities , add all the capabilities then click next
5- Congrats ,Your .CSR file is now ready in Program Files\Symbian OS Tools\Developer Certificate Request\

4. Go Back to symbiansigned.com , click on My Symbian signed > Developer certificates “on the left” > Request “underneath it”

5. At the bottom of the page , Browse and choose the .CSR file in the previous extension ” Step 3-5 ” , and click Send

6. in the next Page , download the certificate by clicking download

7. After you have downloaded the certificate, pls use the signing application it's called barak's signme (tok it from mobilecastle)

8. After installing it, u jus click the software ( under start menu) and it'll pop up the cert key (you just browse n choose the cert key that you have downloaded from symbiansigned. After that, they will pop up nother menu, stating the key file, chhose the sultan key file and use the 0123456 as the password, n choose the unsigned software n viola, it's done, haha, jus copy the signed application (it'll make a new copy of the application with sined prefix)

Hope this guide will help you
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A Step by Step Guide on how to sign Symbian softwares and games
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